Valeriya Mozganova
Head of Real Estate Department, “Business FM” radio

Graduated State University of Theatre Art (ГИТИС) with speciality in theatre history. Professionally works in real estate fr om 1997. Used to work as an editor in “New Foreigner” magazine (Новый Иностранец), then took a place of editor-in-chief in “Digest of Russian and Foreign real estate” magazine (Дайджест российской и зарубежной недвижимости). At the moment is heading the real estate department at “Business FM” radio, wh ere creates as an author and presenter next programs: “Real Estate with Valeria Mozganova” and “Real estate: segments and perspectives”. 

Valeria Mozganova is a laureate of “Golden Feather 2010” award, laureate of the main journalism award in Russia — JOY (Journalist of the year) at 2011 and 2015, and several others, including awards from Moscow government. Constantly makes commentaries for Russian press, in thematic papers and magazines, at federal radio and TV.

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