Andrey Kochetkov

Andrey Kochetkov

Thought leader, Festival of historical environment reconstruction "Tom Sawyer Fest"

Since he was 11, Andrey has attended an archaeological club and taken part in expeditions. In 1997, he entered the History Department at Samara State University, where he specialized in archaeology.

After graduation, Andrey worked as a researcher and journalist, and organized independent music events. As a journalist, he collaborated with both Samara regional and federal media. In this role, he focused mainly on articles about the local identity of cities and the architectural heritage of Russia.

In 2013, he launched the Drugoi Gorod (Another City) online magazine becoming its chief editor (was in charge until 2017).

In 2015, in Samara, he originated the idea and initiated, among others, the launch of Tom Sawyer Fest, the first historical urban environment reconstruction festival which now takes place in more than 40 cities and villages of Russia and the Kyrgyz Republic.
Currently, Andrey is also an organizer and participant in other major events in the Samara region: art director for the Metafest music festival, press secretary for the VolgaFest embankment festival, and coordinator of the Modern in the Clouds project. He participates as an expert in Russian and international events on heritage, urban planning, tourism, architecture and art.

Winner of the “Heritage Keepers” (2018) All-Russian award, winner of the Alexey Komech International Award (2019), and was featured in the “100 People of the Year” list by the Russian Reporter magazine in 2017 and 2018.

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