Anna Bronovitskaya

Anna Bronovitskaya

Research Director, Institute of Modernism, professor, MARCH Architecture School

In 1992, Anna Bronovitskaya graduated from the department of the history of art, Faculty of History of the MSU; in 2004, she obtained a candidate degree in art history. 
In 1992–2016, she taught at the Moscow Institute of Architecture.
In 2004–2014, Anna worked as the editor of the "Project Russia" and "Project International" architecture magazines.  
In 2006–2010, she taught a course entitled "Introduction to Russian Art And Architecture" to postgraduate students of Harvard University's ART Institute. 
In 2008–2010, she acted as a member of the board of directors at the Moscow Architecture Preservation Society (MAPS). 
In 2011–2013, Anna was Director General at DOCOMOMO-Russia. 
Since 2012, she is a member of the department for preservation of the Soviet legacy at the Federal Science and Methodology Council for Legacy, Russian Ministry of Culture. 
In 2015, she became a co-founder and research director at the Institute of Modernism (Moscow). 
Since 2015, she has been giving open lectures on the 20th century's architecture at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. 
Since, 2016, she has been teaching at the Moscow School of Architecture (MARSH).
Anna has written many books and articles on Soviet architecture in Russian and international media; she also curates various expositions.

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