Esa Nikunen

Esa Nikunen

General Director, Environmental Services of Helsinki City

Esa Nikunen's work involves Environment Protection, Environmental Health, and Food & Veterinary Safety.
Esa worked previously as a Director in the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency where he was responsible for Chemicals Control. Before he worked 20 years in different leading roles in the Finnish Environment Institute covering the whole field of environment protection. He has been active in international cooperation (e.g. Nordic Council of Ministers, OECD, EU and UN).
Esa is a limnologist by training and he has a long career dealing with hazardous chemicals and the environment. He lives part of the year in the archipelago of Gulf of Finland. Believing that the cities play a major role in saving the world, Esa wants to keep Helsinki in the frontline in solving environmental problems. Currently, for example Carbon Neutrality of Helsinki by 2035 and the protection of Baltic Sea are high on his agenda.

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