Patrick Ollier

Patrick Ollier

President, Greater Paris Metropolis

Patrick Ollier graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Science.

He began his political career in 1964 as a co-founder of the Young Gaullists group.
1970-1973 — Adviser to the Prime Minister of France.   1974-1981 — Advisor to the Ministers of France.  1981-1986 — worked in the private sector.  1986-1988 — Advisor to the Speaker of the National Assembly of France.  1988-2010 — Member of the National Assembly of France (1988-2010).  Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee for the National Assembly of France (2002-2010).  1989-2001 — Mayor of La Salle des Alps (Hautes-Alpes region).  Since 2004 — Mayor of Rueil-Malmaison (Paris region).   In 2007, he was elected Speaker of the French National Assembly.  2010-2012 — Minister of the French Government for Relationships with the Parliament.  2012-2017 — deputy of the French National Assembly. On 22 January 2016, he was elected President of the Council of Métropole du Grand Paris for a 5-year term.

Member of the political council of the Republican Gaullist party.  Member of the National Order of Merit (France) and the National Order of Merit in Agriculture (France).
The Council of Métropole du Grand Paris is a permanent coordinating council established in 2016 to coordinate the development of the Paris metropolitan area and to implement strategic projects for developing the Greater Paris territories.   The Métropole includes the city of Paris (the Mayor of Paris is the First Vice-President of the Métropole) and 130 communes in the Paris region participating in implementing the Greater Paris projects. 

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