Robert Puentes

Robert Puentes

President and CEO, the Eno Center for Transportation

The mission of the Eno Center for Transportation a non-profit think tank leaded by Robert Puentes is improving transportation policy and leadership.
Prior to joining Eno, he was a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program where he also directed the program’s Metropolitan Infrastructure Initiative. He is currently a non-resident senior fellow with Brookings. Before that Robert was the director of infrastructure programs at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America.
Robert has worked extensively on a variety of transportation issues, infrastructure funding and finance, and city and urban planning. He holds a master’s degree fr om the University of Virginia wh ere he served on the Alumni Advisory Board, and was an affiliated professor with Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute.
Robert serves on a variety of boards and committees including, most recently, the Federal Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity; UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies Advisory Board; Shared Use Mobility Center Board of Directors; Jobs to Move America Board of Directors; LA Metro Office of Extraordinary Innovation Advisory Board; New York State’s 2100 Infrastructure Commission; the District of Columbia’s Streetcar Financing and Governance Task Force; the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority’s Technical Advisory Committee.

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