Simon Broesamle

Simon Broesamle

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), SHARE NOW, Germany

Dr. Simon Broesamle is the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) at SHARE NOW overseeing strategy and expansion of the company. He is an expert in new business models and innovations in the field of mobility. Prior to joining SHARE NOW, Broesamle served as Chief Customer Officer at ReachNow in Seattle, WA, USA responsible for all customer facing activities and product management. Before that, he was BMW Group’s Global Head of Market Development for On-Demand Mobility. In that role Broesamle led the initial ReachNow launch in April and the implementation of new mobility services worldwide. He also served in product management in 360 Electric, a division at BMW Group focused on the development of consumer product offerings that reduce the barriers in purchasing electric vehicles. Broesamle holds a Ph.D. in leadership and marketing from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

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