Signe Jungersted

Signe Jungersted

CEO and Founding Partner, Group NAO

Signe Jungersted has been a thought leader in international tourism and visitor economy, as well as at the forefront of the major transformation in approaching tourism development in Copenhagen over the past 4 years. She was lead designer and author of Wonderful Copenhagen’s (the official tourism organization) 2020-strategy, which declared the end of tourism as we know it and set a new course towards tourism management and city enablement, people-based growth and localhood for everyone. She has been in charge of new innovative projects that has started a shift in Copenhagen’s focus from tourism as a goal in itself to tourism as a means to city development – most recently with the launch of major research project 10XCopenhagen – rethinking tourism in Copenhagen towards 2030.

Today, Signe is CEO of Group NAO, creating strategies and concepts for change and charging transformative agendas across organisation and society. Signe is also Board Member of Odense City Museums and she holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen and executive education in management and leadership from MIT.

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