Tom Quay

Tom Quay

 СЕО, Passenger Technology Group

With over 20 years working in creative technology roles, Tom has spent the last 10 years enabling transport innovation and behaviour change through digital technology.

Tom helps mobility companies refine tech product ideas (websites, mobile apps, IoT, wearables, APIs) through prototypes and user testing, and then by developing the commercial models, production versions and marketing strategies that help them to succeed. 

In 2015 Tom launched Passenger, a digital services platform for public transport operators that captures over 10 years experience of working with UK bus operators into a new digital product. 

At a pivotal time for public transport, Passenger combines digital ticketing, real-time departures, network information, journey planning, and disruptions management into a single platform for operators. For their customers, it has been instrumental in transforming traditional services and deliver on ever-increasing customer expectations.

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