Alexander Lyskovskiy

Alexander Lyskovskiy

President and founder, iFarm
Born on 15 May 1977 in Novosibirsk. In 2000, Alexander Lyskovsky graduated from Novosibirsk State University with a degree in IT. He has always enjoyed intellectual challenges. Back in the university, he simulated a tsunami and calculated the exact location of the Tunguska meteorite by processing large data sets. After taking interest in computer games, he established Alawar, an international developer, distributor and publisher of casual video games, including the popular Farm Frenzy. Later, he participated in the launch of the stress measurement app Welltory and other projects with AI/ML technologies. In 2017, Alexander co-founded iFarm—a company that develops automated vertical farms and an IT management system for them. iFarm is an international company headquartered in Helsinki. It provides solutions, platforms and technologies for growing greens, berries and vegetables indoors. One of the Company's flagship products is Growtune, a cloud-based software platform that monitors and ensures the proper conditions for abundant, fast-maturing harvests on vertical farms. Alexander Lyskovsky is in charge of the Company's strategy. He heads both the Company and its R&D department, managing the programmers, engineers and agronomists who create iFarm technologies every day. Today, iFarm is the best agrotech startup in Europe, according to The Europas Awards 2020, and the winner in the best social impact startup category at the Nordic Startup Awards 2019. It is one of the world's TOP-500 food tech startups. The company is a member of the EIT Food Accelerator Network, International Association of Vertical Farming as well as Leaders for Climate Action.

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