Aleksey Novikov

Aleksey Novikov

President, Habidatum
Alexei Viktorovich Novikov, co-founder and president of Habidatum, an expert in urban economics and urban data. Prior to founding Habidatum, Mr. Novikov was the managing director and head of international companies Standard & Poor's and Tomson Reuters. From 2015 to 2018, he was the dean of the Higher School of Urban Studies and a professor at the Higher School of Economics. He has headed up projects for international financial organizations. Currently, he is managing a project to create a methodology for the use of big data in retail, population, and tourism statistics as part of a program being implemented by the World Bank in conjunction with Russia's Federal State Statistics Service. He taught at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Oxford University (UK), Birmingham University (UK), and the International University of Florida (US). A candidate of geographical sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences) with a major in regional and urban economics. Author of numerous publications. A member of the Audit Council of the Ministry of Finance of Russia.

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