Aleksey Shaposhnikov

Aleksey Shaposhnikov

Chairman of the Moscow City Duma
Alexey was born in 1973 in Moscow.
In 1995, he graduated from Kutafin Moscow State Law University with a degree in Law. In 2003, Alexey graduated from the Russian Presidential Academy of Public Administration (major: political science), then he worked as a consultant in the State Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
From 2010 to 2012, he worked in the Public Advisory Council of Political Parties in the Moscow City Council for UNITED RUSSIA. In 2012, he was elected as a municipal deputy, the head of Rostokino municipal district. That year, he was also elected chairman of the Moscow Municipal Structures Council Association.
He teaches political science in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economics and Public Administration.
Ph.D. in Law.

Honorary Lawyer of the Russian Federation.
Member of the Moscow Political Council Regional Branch of the All-Russia Political Party UNITED RUSSIA.
In 2017, he was elected Chairman of the Legislative Council of the Central Federal District of the Council under the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal district.
Awarded a Certificate of Commendation by the Mayor of Moscow, Badge of Honour from the Moscow City Election Commission and a Certificate of Acknowledgement from the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for his many years of conscientious work and outstanding contribution to the development of state youth policy.
Deputy of Moscow City Duma VI (2014–2019). On 24 September 2014, he was elected as Chairman of the Moscow City Duma VI.
On 8 September 2019 he was re-elected as a Duma deputy.
Chairman of the Moscow City Duma (elected on 19 September 2019).

Participation in past events

04 August 2022 15:00–19:10
03 August 2022 14:30–19:10