Anastasia Malkova

Anastasia Malkova

Managing partner, Stone Hedge
In 2007, Anastasiya Malkova started building her career in the real estate market in the STONE HEDGE group of companies. She set up the sales department from scratch, introduced a sales strategy into the market and successfully implemented it for 15 projects, launched the company's deluxe line, and added a new luxury real estate format, urban villas, to the market. The Camèo Moscow Villas urban villa complex built under her supervision has won several prestigious Russian and international awards for development and client service. Anastasiya is responsible for the elaboration and implementation of the commercial strategy, the development of products and client services, cooperation with brokers, loyalty programs, corporate social responsibility (CSR), marketing, and GR. In 2021, Anastasiya initiated the introduction of a comprehensive systemic program of corporate social responsibility in partnership with the charity organization Nochlezhka. As a part of the program, Nochlezhka's mentees have the chance to get a job with the group of companies in Moscow. Anastasiya is a regular commentator in the mass media and an expert speaker at major industry conferences. Besides, she is the founder of a private membership club for residential and commercial real estate brokers.

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