Anna Endrikhovskaya

Anna Endrikhovskaya

Chief Concierge, Moss Boutique Hotel; Member of Les Clefs d'Or
Anya is a professional concierge who has been working at 5-star hotels for the past 12 years, and a member of the Golden Keys association
(The Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel is about this association).
In 2013, Anya was named the world's best young concierge, and in 2015, she was named Moscow's best concierge. She has worked both with run-of-the-mill tourists and celebrities, as well as regular guests, organising unique experiences for each one of them, or hiring the best colleagues from around the world, opening doors that tend to be closed to most people.
Anya is a member of the team behind the launch of the Moss Boutique Hotel Moscow, the first hotel of its kind. She has selected and trained staff, developed hospitality standards, organised events, selected art, and to this day remains the hotel's chief concierge.
Anya teaches a lot, gives lectures on hospitality and continues to popularise the hotel, and she is now also a speaker at the Moscow Food Academy.