Jannette Spiering

Jannette Spiering

Senior Managing Advisor, Be Advice; Founder, Hogeweyk
Jannette Spiering is founder of the Hogewey vision on care for people living with dementia and founder of De Hogeweyk®. Jannette has been working in care since 1982 and has almost 40 years of experience in operational, tactic and strategic management . In her last managerial position, she was director of the whole of psychogeriatric care of Vivium Care group (over € 85 mio /900+ clients) which includes The Hogeweyk. During her career she provided strategic and operational advisory services to clients in the public and private sectors. Jannette focusses particularly on the elderly care & dementia care sector and community-based aged care. Keywords she uses are de-institutionalisation, transformation en normalisation of care. She has worked on a range of projects all over the world, influencing, engaging and advising stakeholders. Since 2019 she joined a special advisory department Be The Hogeweyk® care concept and became fulltime advisor. Experience. Jannette managed several nursing homes and assisted living facilities and elderly homes over almost 40 years. Jannette was director of the former nursing home Hogewey for 20 years, before and after its transformation into the neighborhood De Hogeweyk®. She commissioned and was responsible for numerous renovation and new building projects, including De Hogeweyk®. As one of the developers Jannette was heavily involved in all the stages of development from initial initiative via design, construction, implementation and maintaining and improving the concept. She has gained a reputation as a serial innovator and forerunner in the normalisation of care for people with dementia and has also been recognised as such. She exchanged her experience as a keynote speaker at national and international conferences on ageing and dementia. She has contributed to various publications on living, care and welfare for people with dementia, management philosophy and change management. Jannette and her colleagues have over the years inspired thousands of people, care companies, authorities, governments in the Netherlands as well as worldwide. Jannette was strongly involved in the development of the first new dementia village initiatives in Australia , Brisbane and New Zealand, Rotorua. She is inspiring and guiding many new initiatives in elderly and dementia care worldwide. Jannette is a much sought-after keynote speaker about elderly & dementia care at international summits.

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