Jennifer Lenhart

Jennifer Lenhart

Global Lead, WWF Cities
Jennifer Lenhart, WWF Sweden, is Global Lead for WWF Cities, which, via the One Planet City Challenge (OPCC), has engaged over 400 cities in circa 30 countries, by supporting city data reporting, sharing city stories and engaging urban citizens. From 2019 onward, the OPCC will support participating cities to align their climate action plans to the Paris Agreement’s goals of 1.5 °C maximum global warming. She holds a PhD in urban climate governance from Wageningen University (the Netherlands), an Erasmus Mundus Master in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (MESPOM) from several European universities, and has 15 years’ experience addressing urban environmental challenges via holistic approaches. Her fascination with urban planning and design, including how people interact in and with cities, inspired her blog, the Urban Observer, which chronicled her bicycle lifestyle (then in Amsterdam). This was recognized by Guardian Cities as one of the best city blogs. She previously worked at UN-Habitat’s Urban Environment Planning Branch in Nairobi, Kenya; the City of Malmö Environment Department, Sweden; and an urban sustainability consultancy in Seattle, USA. She currently parks her bicycle in Santiago de Chile, her new home for over a year.

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