Irina Irbitskaya

Irina Irbitskaya

Architect and Urban Planner, Head of the European Project Digital Cities, Consultant of the UN Development Programme
Irina Irbitskaya
International independent consultant on urban development and architecture, Head of the European project 'Digital Cities', Consultant of the UN Development Programme

Irina is working on the Uklads digitalization by the synthesis of an explosive-revolutionary digital approach to the city and an evolutionary organic approach based on the traditional uklads.
The organic approach "An uklad-based method" of non-violent evolutionary transformations of cities was formed as a result of Irbitskaya's architectural practice and was introduced by her in 2007. Since then, it has become the main line of her and her colleagues' works at four levels of city strategies and projects: national, regional, municipal and local. In 2017 Irbitskaya introduced the concept of "The Uklad Digitalization" as a basic element of the cities' skeleton in the 21st century.
During 25 years of practice Irina has developed more than 100 concepts, including buildings, city blocks and settlements of the new formats. From 2012 till 2021 as the founder and first director of the Center of Urban Competencies at RANEPA, Iribtskaya developed dozens of recommendations for improving state policies in the field of urban development and housing at the request of relevant ministries and national institutions, and also led "Development of Russian cities and a new model of urban policy" block of the Spatial Strategy of Russia until 2024. Her recommendations are implemented into the national policies, in particular, since 2012 the model of the city block structure introduced by Irbitskaya in 2005 as an alternative to the Soviet Microrajon, and since 2018 the model of the network of regional Centers of Urban Competencies to implement national projects and programs
As a consultant at the UN Development Program, she develops recommendations for the state institutions of the CIS countries on issues of the urban development, architecture and capitalization of cultural heritage.
Irina consults builders, developers, designers and city managers in Russia and the CIS countries on the author's Spurt-leadership model, that is, the rapid transfer of knowledge, skills and ad-hoc ideas upon request from the center to the periphery.
As a guest lecturer Irina gives the talks about the Uklad-based method and the Uklad Digitalization in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.