Hiroyuki Fujita

Hiroyuki Fujita

Chief Resilience Officer, City of Kyoto
After graduated from Kyoto University’s Faculty of Education, Hiroyuki Fujita started to work at the Kyoto City Board of Education, and experienced a Lifelong Learning Manager. For three years from April 2010, he worked as a Director General of Ukyo Ward. In April 2013, he was appointed as a vice-mayor of Kyoto City, in charge of education, childcare support, welfare and medical services, culture art and sports, administration of ward office, disaster prevention and crisis management, international exchanges, and water and sewage projects until the termination of his term in March 2017. Now, he has been working as a Chief Resilience Officer of Kyoto City since April 2017, and as a director of Kyoto International Community House since June 2019.

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