Koichi Takada

Koichi Takada

Principal, Koichi Takada Architects
Koichi Takada belongs to a new generation of architects that strive to bring nature back into the urban environment — an approach he matured after living in cities: Tokyo, New York and London. Koichi established his practice in 2008. He has brought a Japanese sensibility to Australian Architecture, each project embodying his commitment to organic form and consideration for human experience. Through a series of award-winning designs, the growing practice is gaining an international reputation, with projects in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Doha and Mexico City. Koichi’s emphasis is on a connection to nature, on humanizing and naturalizing the urban environment. He has invested himself in forms of architecture that speak to local landscapes, heritage, and traditions. Koichi accepts and encourages a sensitive connection to nature, surroundings and elicits an emotional response from users. Koichi Takada clearly sees a new beginning in a Post-Covid time, when naturalizing architecture will be the way forward, empowering the next generation that follows.

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