Chris Wan

Chris Wan

Design Management Director, Sustainable Real Estate, Masdar
Chris Wan is the Head of Design Management at Masdar City,
where he adopts a holistic approach to guiding the direction of the
building designs. Through briefing, goal setting, budgeting, team
building and integrated processes, he directs the creation of
blueprints of buildings, ensuring that these buildings are developed
to achieve the best balance between environmental, commercial
and social requirements.
Among his many contributions to Masdar City, Mr. Wan was
instrumental in setting the vision and design parameters that led to

the construction of the Siemens Building, IRENA HQ, and Etihad Eco-
Residence in Masdar City. These buildings meet some of the highest

levels of energy and water efficiencies as measured against
international sustainability standards.
Mr. Wan brings over 30 years of international and local
architectural design experience to Masdar City. He has worked on
numerous environmentally driven projects for Richard Rogers
Partnership in London and for Rocco Design Ltd in Hong Kong. More
recently, he moved into building development, working for Sorouh
Real Estate in Abu Dhabi before joining Masdar in 2008.
Mr. Wan graduated from the University of Bath in the UK and is
currently a registered architect in the UK and Hong Kong. He has
participated in conferences and roundtables sharing his knowledge
on sustainable development. He has also given lectures on this

subject at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the Paris-
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, the Institute for Advanced

Architecture of Catalonia and Khalifa University of Science and

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