Maria Zima

Maria Zima

R&D manager for smart cities and solutions
Mariya Zima-Bokareva, Ph.D, Head of Research and Development in Smart Cities and Solutions. Dr. Maria Zima-Bokareva heads up Smart Cities initiatives within the technology company ABB's Electrical Equipment business. The initiative seeks to offer safer, smarter and more energy efficient solutions for power supply to improve the living standards while meeting the growing energy needs of the global population.

Maria joined ABB as a researcher and project manager in 2010 and has made substantial contributions to developing and assessing numerous innovative and revolutionary technologies while offering strategic technology consultations to ABB management and supporting business development across several of the firm's key areas and industries.

Dr. Zima-Bokareva is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on the Cities of Tomorrow and the Swiss representative of the international research committee International Council on Large High-Voltage Electrical Systems (CIGRE). She publishes her research findings in such journals as IEEE and Elsevier while teaching at the Swish Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

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