Nadya Nilina

Nadya Nilina

Urban planner, project leader, head of international business development at
Nadya is a practicing master planner specializing in large-scale climate adaptation and resilience planning for cities and regions. At Felixx, Nadya leads interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with architects, engineers, economists, transportation planners and landscape architects. She is a member of Felixx research team that generates knowledge and develops tools to support design projects. As part of a consortium commissioned by the World Bank, the team has recently developed a catalogue of Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Adaptation. Other research is focused on creating healthy, resilient walkable communities that promote active lifestyles, urban agriculture, landscape biodiversity and smart water management. In addition to managing complex interdisciplinary assignments, Nadya leads international business development for Felixx. Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners is a Rotterdam-based office for proactive landscape architecture, founded in 2014. Felixx believes a better world requires a better organization of our environment. The office specializes in addressing urgent global challenges with local embedded design solutions. Its work has a broad international scope and projects range from spatial research, landscape transformation strategies and developing masterplans, to public space and product design. Nadya is graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Parson’s School of Design and the City College of New York. Since 2012 Nadya combines professional practice with teaching history and theory of urbanism and urban planning and design studios. She is a faculty member at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, New York Institute of Technology, Kharkiv School of Architecture and a founding faculty member at MARCH-Moscow School of Architecture.

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