Natalya Fomicheva

Natalya Fomicheva

Head, ANO "Center for Applied Research" Russian Society of Psychosomatics "
Natalia Fomicheva is a practicing psychologist, a doctoral candidate of psychological sciences, a clinical psychologist and a certified therapist for treating eating disorders, sexual disorders and psychosomatic conditions.

She has moderated and spoken at many research conferences on psychology. She is actively involved in education and promotion of science as an expert on various radio and TV projects.

She has developed more than 27 unique psychologist training programmes since 2009.
She headed up the psychotherapy department at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis from 2008 through 2018.

She founded the Russian Society of Psychosomatic Applied Research Centre in 2016 to help researchers improve the study of problems of bodily and mental imbalances.
She served as the research editor for Nicol Schnackenberg's 2017 book, False Bodies, Real Selves.

In 2018, Natalia published a workbook on the therapy of acceptance and responsibility entitled, a Journal of Value-Based Actions.
She is the author of the 2020 sex positivity guide, Intimacy

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