Pascale Leistra

Pascale Leistra

Senior Architect, Atelier PRO
Pascale Leistra graduated at Faculty of Architecture of Technical University in Delft.
As an architect her scope of work starts from initial sketch design, project management, to final completion of works. This resulting in numerous projects that cover school buildings community-, sports- and cultural centers and residences. Based on her passion for heritage she has built up solid experience in transformation and renovation.
As guest teacher at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft, she tries to inspire students during design courses.
Latest years she works in the educational field abroad.
One of her exemplary school projects is Letovo School Campus in Moscow, that has been awarded with Best Moscow School Architecture Award.

For each new project she investigates on context, program and clients’ ambition. Seeking for the question behind the question, creating inspiring places for people to meet. Spaces in which the sensation of elements like daylight, color, texture and contrasts play a game with each other and which are connected by the ‘architectural route’. Where students are triggered and prepared for 21nd century skills.
Buildings becoming part of the urban fabric, thus encouraging stimulating interactions. Preferably she works in integral teams in which people inspire each other to create healthy, meaningful environments.

Changing times require new answers and solutions.
Open communication, co creation, working interdisciplinary and enhancing nature are ingredients for Pascale’s motivation to try making better quality of living.
Education being the Leitmotiv throughout her works.

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