Peter van Wingerden

Peter van Wingerden

CEO, Floating Farm
Peter van Wingerden is CEO and founder of Floating Farm, a disruptive way of agriculture on the water. International leading the innovation of food production close to consumers in a totally new approach (climate adaptive). Floating Farm designs, engineer and develop sustainable farms on rivers, ports, lakes, water reservoirs and sea. Floating Farm started 5 years ago and is based in The Netherlands. After his graduation Peter started the first 5 years of his career at General Electric, an American multinational active in the process-industry. After GE he became District Manager for 2 years at the French based Alstom, a global leader in power generation and transmission. He moved from there to lead the Industrial department of one of the divisions of the Dutch leading construction company Hollandsche Beton Group for 4 years. HBG offers construction services in Europe and was headquartered in Netherlands. Producing healthy food inside and close to cities is reducing the footprint of food production dramatically in a positive way. It brings back social awareness and connection of citizens into healthy and liveable cities. We call this TRANSFARMATION: The growth of human population in cities transforming around healthy foodproduction and farming.

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