Tamara Rondaleva

Tamara Rondaleva

CEO, Special Economic Zone «St. Petersburg»
Tamara Rondaleva, the CEO of JSC 'Special Economic Zone Saint Petersburg'
2010 – Sales Director at Palfinger Crane Rus Ltd.
2011–2012: Deputy General Director at Russian-Belarus TRACTOR Ltd.
2013–2015: Deputy General Director, Development at Meter Ltd.
2016: Deputy Director of JSC Special Economic Zone 'Saint Petersburg' in charge of investor relations. In this position, Tamara was responsible for developing governmental relations, attracting and managing residents and organising company’s congress and exhibition performance.
Since April 2017: CEO of the JSC 'Special Economic Zone Saint Petersburg'
Tamara has two higher education degrees, one from P. Lesgaft National State University (physical training) and another from the Moscow Academy of Government and Municipal Management (management).
Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is an institution of state support for research and production companies that operate high-tech industries like energy, precision machine engineering, pharmaceuticals and information technologies.
According to the annual report of the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia, as of 1 July 2020, the SEZ in Saint Petersburg has reached a total efficiency of 96% since the start of its operations. An SEZ is considered effective if its total efficiency indicator surpasses 80%. Efficiency of operations at the SEZ was assessed based on twenty absolute and relative quantitative metrics, as well as on six estimated efficiency indicators.

In 2018, the Saint Petersburg SEZ was awarded Best Special Economic Zone in Europe in the category of Attracting Major Residents in the Global Free Zones of the Year rankings published by the publication Foreign Direct Investment Intelligence's publication, itself a branch of the Financial Times.
In 2019, the SEZ in Saint Petersburg won in three nominations of FDI's Global Free Zones of the Year Awards, including:
- Business Development;
- Pharmaceuticals;
- Cluster development.
According to the 4th National Ranking of Investment Attractiveness of Russian Special Economic Zones, compiled by the Association of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia, the Saint Petersburg SEZ ranked third among technology and R&D SEZs, pointing to its high investment attractiveness.

The Saint Petersburg Special Economic zone won in the Best Industrial Site nomination of the Russian Business Guide. People of the Year 2021 award.

According to the Investment Attractiveness Ranking of SEZs and Industrial Parks prepared by the Expert Analytical Centre for 2020, the Saint Petersburg SEZ ranks second in Russia.

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