Tatyana Polidi

Tatyana Polidi

Executive Director, The Institute for Urban Economics
A leading Russian expert in residential housing policy, residential housing financing, mortgages, real estate market development, urban planning and land use regulation as well as organisation of local self-governance and socio-economic development of cities and towns. She takes an active part in the development of new economic models and real estate market regulatory mechanisms, the implementation of urban redevelopment programmes, the introduction of new residential policy tools, including the development of proposals on how to create a system for offering financial guarantees of property rights for conscientious buyers of residential property, how to use the principles of private-public partnership to create a civilised residential housing market, a professional market of housing for rent and reduce administrative barriers in residential housing construction.
She has authored a number of scientific articles published in Russia and abroad, is a permanent member of Russian and international expert conferences on urban economics, real estate and residential policy. For eight years, she has been a regular participant in the implementation of the Fundamental Research Programme at the Higher School of Economics, which is a part of the project to research the structural changes in the Russian economy (industry approach), led by the head of research at the Higher School of Economics, E. Yasin.
Tatyana Polidi is a member of the Advisory Council of the Federal Antimonopoly Service for the promotion of competition in construction. She is also a member of the committee for land and property relations of the organisation Business Russia (Delovaya Rossiya); and a member of the expert group of the national project Residential Housing and Urban Environment.
On Economist Day in 2017, Polidi was named one of the eight laureates to receive letters of commendation from the Mayor of Moscow for their contribution to the development of the Russian capital.

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