Thomas Willemeit

Thomas Willemeit

Founding Partner, GRAFT
Thomas Willemeit studied architecture at the Technical University Braunschweig, where he graduated as Dipl.-Ing. Arch. in 1997, and partook the masterclass for architecture and urban planning at the Bauhaus Dessau. Besides his successful career in the architectural field, he won numerous national prizes as a violin player and a chorister. He was a visiting professor for architecture at the RWTH Aachen and at Peter Behrens School of Art in Düsseldorf and has been a visiting professor at the TU Delft in 2017/18. In 1998 Thomas Willemeit established GRAFT in Los Angeles together with Lars Krückeberg and Wolfram Putz. GRAFT is conceived as a studio for architecture, urban planning, design, music and the pursuit of happiness. Since its establishment, it has been commissioned to design and manage a wide range of projects across multiple disciplines and in numerous locations. Although the company’s core enterprises gravitate around the field of architecture and the built environment, GRAFT has always maintained an interest in crossing the boundaries between disciplines and “grafting” the creative potential and methodologies of different realities. This is reflected in its expansion into the fields of exhibition and product design, art installations and academic projects, as well as in their variety of project locations around the world. GRAFT’s collective professional experience encompasses a wide range of building types, including residential, cultural, educational, institutional, commercial, master plan and healthcare projects. GRAFT has won numerous international awards, and now numbers some 100 members of staff from over 20 nations.

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