Valentina Orioli

Valentina Orioli

Vice Mayor of the City of Bologna
Valentina Orioli is the Vice Mayor of the City of Bologna, with specific responsibility on Urban planning, Environment, safeguard and regeneration of the historical city and the candidacy of Bologna’s “Porticoes” for the UNESCO World Heritage List. She is an architect and associate professor of Urban Planning at the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna. She participated in many national and European research projects and she is the author of numerous scientific publications on social housing and urban suburbs development in the second half of the post-World War II period; on the shape and quality of urban space and of the infrastructures of the contemporary city; on methods and tools to govern urban transformations. She is vice president of Urban@it, a National centre for urban policies studies led by University of Bologna, which associates many Universities with the aim of contributing to the implementation of a new urban policy planning phase and the construction of an Italian urban agenda.

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