Victoria Efimova

Victoria Efimova

Psychophysiologist; CEO, Child Neurology Clinic «Prognoz»
Victoria Efimova, candidate of pedagogical sciences, is the head of the Prognoz Neurological Clinic for Children as well as the Logoprognoz Neuro-Pedagogical Centre. Ms. Efimova graduated from the Faculty of Defectology at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, where she proceeded to complete a doctoral dissertation on speech therapy. She is a doctoral student at the Department of Developmental Psychology and Family Pedagogy with a degree in Psychophysiology. Since 1990, Ms. Efimova has assisted children with speech impediments both as a speech therapist and project manager, including a speech therapy kindergarten, a kindergarten for visually impaired children, while also serving as a head of a children's a developmental centre.
Ms. Efimova offers consultations at the Prognoz Clinic. She is the author of a number of techniques, including the Movement Emotional Communicational Training (DEKO), Neuro-Dynamic Gymnastics and Logobatut methods, all of which are employed at the Logoprognoz Rehabilitation Centre.
She has authored a number of popular books on childhood brain development and regularly publishes articles in Russian and foreign academic journals. Victoria Efimova, the Prognoz Neurological Clinic, and INTECO have together developed a framework for establishing neurodynamic playgrounds, the first such development in Russia.

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