Vladimir Sedov

Vladimir Sedov

Founder, Askona Life Group, town Dobrograd
Vladimir Sedov, founder of Askona Life Group, which includes Askona Group (the largest vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of sleep products in Russia and Eastern Europe), Advanced Furniture Technologies Group, First Clinical Medical Centre and medical company AskonaMed, construction companies Askona Invest and Bilong, as well as the Town of Dobrograd.
In 2012, Vladimir Sedov started the construction of Dobrograd, a new Russian town offering a comfortable environment for life, work and self-realisation through the use of modern technology and advanced urban planning. The project aims to develop modern, large-scale urban infrastructure, as well as high-quality residential spaces at affordable prices. The new urban environment will meet the requirements of different generations, ensure the preservation of natural areas and beautiful scenery and create new jobs. The number of residents is expected to reach 50,000 people by 2039. There are plans to build 1,543,000 square metres of residential housing and 985,000 square metres of commercial real estate.

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