Ziona Strelitz

Ziona Strelitz

Founder Director, ZZA Responsive User Environments
Educated as Social Anthropologist, Planner + Interior Designer, Ziona specializes in research + strategy to shape responsive, sustainable buildings + places. Working across typologies, Ziona links social, cultural, design and management perspectives to help realize the positive potentials in any project and urban space. Her work is grounded in rigorous research on building use, and the implications of continuously evolving technology and culture on social functioning and space. Ziona founded ZZA Responsive User Environments at the nexus of social, physical and virtual domains. She works with leading clients across diverse locations, spatial scales and business sectors – including finance, professional services, property, media, central and local government, technology, police and universities. Focusing on building use, design, and management of space, Ziona has helped shape paradigm changing projects. Her people- centric approach and deep knowledge of user experience are reflected in ZZA’s marks, UX:SPACE®, UX:WORKPLACE® and UX:CAMPUS®. Ziona is highly experienced as an expert on numerous public, professional, civic and industry panels, as a judge of awards, author and presenter. Key publications include: ‘Why Place Still Matters in the Digital Age’, ‘Buildings that Feel Good’ and ‘Energy People Place’. Her latest published works are: How Is It For You? Building Design as Experienced by Users and Makers and Knowledge Exchange and Social Connection.

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