Rob Van de Velde

Rob Van de Velde

Former Antwerpen Vice-Mayor of Urban Planning, Heritage and Green
Participates in sessions
17 July 12:45–08:40
18 July 15:45–08:40

In 2012 Rob got elected in the Antwerp council and became Vice Mayor of Urban planning, Heritage and Green. Rob speeded up spacial planning, integrated city planning in commercial projects, initiated a new tax, forcing investors to participate in the investment of schools, green space, daycare centers. Presently Rob is still a member of the Federal Parlement, but stopped his mandate as Vice Mayor

Rob worked for Knorr, Gillette (Braun/Electro division) and Stanleyworks. From 2003 till 2007 Rob worked out a consulting office in communication. One of the main achievements was the restyling of the global Fiskars packaging line.