Vitaly Bykov

Vitaly Bykov

Participates in sessions
05 July 15:30–14:52 Setun Hall

Since 2000 — CEO, co-founder, REDKEDS creative agency.   The agency’s client portfolio includes: the Government of Moscow, Sberbank, Volvo, Mail.Ru Group, DHL, etc. Vitaly took a course in Proofreading and Layout course, and then a Book Editing Business course at the university. He worked in publishing houses. Having gained enough experience, Vitaly took a step towards the digital market: he started working in a design studio, which he eventually managed to turn into a creative agency. His interdisciplinary experience and acquaintance with the expert community helped Vitaly become a successful leader and begin to convey his expertise to others.

Since 2017 — organizer and mastermind of G8, the first Russian festival of creative industries.