Video 2014

Plenary session: The megacity and nation: A reciprocal relationship for development Plenary session: “Cities and Territories Tomorrow: Tools for Positive Change” The Campus as City: The New Role of Social Infrastructure in the City Economies of «Scale». Unique Development Models for Different Scale Cities Improving Infrastructure, Enhancing the City Development of the Urban Environment Management of Urban Development The Battle for the Citizen: Developing Human Potential Citizens of an Older Generation: a Hidden Potential and New Opportunities Ecological Approaches as Drivers of Economic Growth Provision of Government e-Services Online Referendums: Opportunities, Limitations and Risks City Rankings: an Instrument of Competition or a Means for Setting Goals Public Space in the City: an Opportunity for Developing Social Capital Mega-events and the City: Defining the Scale of Opportunity Crowdsourcing as a New Tool for Interaction Moscow’s Spatial Strategy: Principles and Possibilities Moscow’s Priorities for a New Stage of Development Transport Interchanges: a New Infrastructure Model Choosing the Right Development Targets for a Contemporary Megacity Intercultural Dialogue as a Factor in Urban Development Quality of the Urban Realm: the Role of Architecture and the Architect Industry in the Contemporary City: Convert or Innovate? Financing Urban Infrastructure: Models, Opportunities and Limitations From Chaos to Order: Open Data for All Economy and Culture: Assessing the Effectiveness of Cultural Programmes A New Health Service: Global Trends and a Framework for Moscow Mobile City: How to Make Public Transport Attractive Moscow – the territory of hospitality Online Technology for Control by the Public: Declaration or Effective Tool The Moscow River as a Source of Urban Regeneration New Moscow: How to Create a Complete Urban Environment Client or Visitor? Global practices to the Provision of State Services Day 1. Press-center. Session 1 Day 1. Press-center. Session 2 Day 1. Press-center. Session 3 Day 2. Press-center. Session 1 Day 2. Press-center. Session 2 Day 2. Press-center. Session 3 Day 2. Press-center. Session 4
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