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Plenary Interview City Megaprojects. Pro et contra Urban Megaprojects and the Russian cities Research presentations Moscow Urban Forum 2016 Спикеры о MUF'16 Answers to challenges of fast-growing megacities. Capacities of technologies Technological revolution. Agenda for city-management How do you make a technological mecca out of a city? The future of urban transport systems Moscow in the context of the transport systems of global megacities The internet of things in the city. Home-district-megacity What trends a tech entrepreneur should keep an eye on? What do architects dream about today? "Open Moscow". Briefing of the government of Moscow Fahim Kawsar – internet of things research The integrated approach to the development of urban services What do techologies change in the profession of an urban planner? Discussion "Districts of Moscow: Centers of attraction" Open briefing S.M. Mirzoyan Vasiliy Kalinkin Jeremy Hildreth «If place branding isn’t robust then it’s just wishful thinking» (eng) City branding. Digital environment requirements Integrated building plant v. 3.0. New life of modular construction City space as a technological platform Functions of light. How can lighting change the life of a city? Take and share. Does a city need the sharing economy strategy? Moscow ring railway. Renovation roadmap of the industrial ring of Moscow 2018 Fifa World Cup. How will russian cities change? Megacity-wide personal customer service. How is the Moscow transportation system changing Data medicine. How does urban health change in the era of technology? Coverage from the future. Architecture, materials and construction techniques of modern times Sustainability components. What kind of "clean" technologies are already employed in megacities? Food industry as an IT business. How not to remain unnoticed in the new media environment? Urban security. Answers to the greatest challenges Moscow development. What do key players expect from the city The Bilbao effect. How culture can restart a city Greater Paris. Lessons for big Moscow International medical cluster. How to introduce Moscow to the global healthcare market? A city of robots. Automation for a comfortable life Cutting-edge architectural solutions. Experience of fast-growing megacities How do technologies change cultural institutions? Data-based city management The burden of the past or driver of the development? Realization of large-scale infrastructure projects. How to attract long-term money? Global traffic show. Can the Moscow events attract tourists? My street. Mega project for the pedestrian Megacity of action. Visible and invisible urban communities How does hybrid trade change the city lifestyle? Moscow technology parks. New centres of urban dynamics Universiade - 2019 in krasnoyarsk. How to use a mega event to globalize a city? Zaryadye. Technology park in the country's heart Zil. Lessons of re-development of the country's largest industrial zone Isocarp. The development of the pechatniki district (ypp) Innopolis. How to create a new technological hub on the russian map? The evolution of the megacity planning model. Russia and international practice Briefing "Polycentric in action: new directions and projects" Presentation of the updated portal Social and cultiral projects as points of attraction Sochi-London-Barselona: Best practices of the olympic heritage management Architectural policy. Is it time for institutionalization? Economic strategy of a megacity. Business role City media in the era of IT-revolution. Best projects of russian regions New media and the city. How to work in the new environment? Big small projects Skolkovo megaproject. New urban reality Real estate investment in Moscow Fast-growing cities. Architecture, technology, citizen ГЭС-2. История трансформации Как изменилась Москва? Экскурсия в ВДНХ будущего Московский урбанистический форум 2016. Интервью Дениса Бойкова Это мой район. Возрождение идентичности места Василий Фивейский "Как стать городским управленцем. Мировые практики и решения кадровых вопросов" Город в оптике общественных наук #urbanдети. Интересное и важное о городе для детей Сервисы для эффективного взаимодействия в городе Возвращение невозможного. Фантастические проекты вчера и сегодня. Survival kit для урбаниста времен технологической революции Голос города Эмоциональное здоровье Покой ума в движении города Спортивная инфраструктура в жилой среде Волонтёры в городе, мировые возможности
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