Video 2017

Age of agglomerations. New world map Agglomerations as a global governance challenge To be or to seem? Ecology in metropolises Global projects of renovations as engines of metropolitan development Age of agglomerations. Mayor’s view The future of money. New financial services in megalopolises Renewing the economy. How to relocate production facilities out of the city center and do it right? Urban symbiosis. PPP models in global agglomerations City as a beneficiary of two capitals Duty free on a national scale. Special economic zones Centrifugal and centripetal. Antagonizing forces of spatial development Master plan as a major deal Urban know-how. Review of the best (re)development projects Local identity vs global unification in metropolises Unifying opportunities. Integrating infrastructures at local and regional levels Burning man. Power of creative community Future belongs to communities. Why is it beneficial to invest into developing communities? Ready, steady sport! Stake on jogging megapolis Traveling in the N-city. Alternative tourism Intelligence is new sexy. How science brings a city to life Media Art and Urban environment. Local specification Data-driven cities. How do data change our perception of a city? New models of urban mobility. How to make public transport more appealing? City-region. Developing the St. Petersburg agglomeration Young architects. Who will shape the future of russian cities? Сombined map. Spatial development strategy of the Crimean agglomeration Right to develop. What legal framework suits megacities best? Development institutes and agencies of metropolitan areas Role of the housing market in the stable development of metropolitan areas Maintain and multiply. Ecological dominant of sustainable development Age of agglomerations. Developer`s view Age of agglomerations. Investor`s view Book presentation. Connectography: mapping the future of global civilization Presentation of the official research MUF`17 «Agglomerations. World>Russia>Moscow» Age of agglomerations. Visionary`s view Theory, practice, new approaches. Review of spatial development strategies Idea factories. Agenda of international research institutes Spatial philosophy of technological corporations Significant projects of megalopolises and metropolitan areas Study and predict. Research into agglomeration growth dynamics Age of agglomerations. The strategy of Russia Human capital. How do global cities manage talents? FIFA 2018. Sport megaprojects as a trigger for urban renewal Transportation system of metropolitan areas as a megaproject MUF 2017 Experimental Labs. Innovation projects for Moscow Megacity as a blast-off ground. Where does Moscow launch it`s startups? Urban.Us. Smart city investment Mobile future of mobility. Best startups on the prospects of digitalizing of transport services Between past and future. The limits of changing historical cities? Cultural bonus. Integrating arts into the fabric of the city In search of new urban marketing champions Mass-produced cities. New construction technology in megalopolises Dialogue in the city. How do city administrations communicate with citizens? Aqua est vita. The role of the river in the modern megalopolis Transportation hubs. Investment into sustanable urban mobility Interaction school. How to form and develop communities Good local. How local communities transform urban environment From markets to restaurants. Private initiative transforming the food industry Fashion police. Moscow as an alternative fashion inspiration Get ready. It’s gonna be loud! Life of music communities in Moscow What incentives does Russia’s creative economy need to develop? Do it yourself. How makers change the city City-state: do modern megacities need national infrastructures? Urban planning 3.0 Renovation program. Key effects and risks of Moscow`s main mega-project Cyber threats. How can a smart city stay sane Urban resilience. How megalopolises in Asia assemble the jigsaw puzzle of sustainable urban development? Russian backbone agglomerations and national spatial strategy Clusters as instruments of territorial development Urban code. How to implement and scale urban development standards? Conference of Russian developers and managing companies Iron economy. Rethinking the potential of rust belts Vanity height. How tall «vertical cities» can get? Technologies of affordable housing Role of an architect. How can cities benefit from the freedom of creative thought? New environment for a new man Life as s quest. Future of the entertainment industry Aerotropolis. Airports as drivers of urban development Out of thin air. How landscape design projects fill cities up Oxygen mask for the city. Constructing forest cities in China Smart city in a desert. Presentation of the Harish City project Cities on the Moon and Mars. Building houses in the outer space Presentation of the world`s first floating city Economy of light
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