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V. V. Putin: Plenary Session: Сity ​​of the Future. Responding to Human Requests MUF Plenary Session Global Megacity. New Space for Living Plenary Session: Сity ​​of the Future. Responding to Human Requests Zaryadye as a Model. Strategic Choices to Consider in the Redevelopment of the City Centre Lecture of Economist The New Localism and the Global Urban Economy: Bruce Katz Lecture of Technology Expert Smart City as a Path to Happiness: Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr Window to Europe. Did Moscow Manage to Find a Common Ground with Foreign Architects? City of Megaprojects. From Results to New Goals Future as a Way of Thinking. The Culture and Practice of Decision Making Late Night Talk: Rem Koolhaas and Vladimir Pozner Interview Creative Cities at Crossroads: Richard Florida City of the Future. 3D View Museum City. Museum Neighborhoods as the Agents of Urban Development Constructing Comfort. A Convenient Megapolis Renovation and Environment. How Major Redevelopment Projects Influence on Cities? No Stress City. Is There a Way to Reach Phsycological Comfort in a City? The 20th Century Presents. Approaches and Practices of Working with the Legacy of Last Century Master of Urban Management. Education for Urban Leaders Digital Economy. Infrastructure for Smart City Digit as a New Norm. Moscow Smart City Strategy New Culture in the Old Shell. How to Revitalize Public Spaces that Are Losing Popularity? Exception as a Rule. How the Approach to Urban Planning Is Changing Well-being of Improvement. How to Measure the Effects for the City? Future of the Urban Economy. Making a Stake on the Future Caution: Unmanned Vehicles! The Economy, Regulations, and Approaches of Transitioning to Autonomous Megacity Becoming Age-Friendly. Megacities Meeting the Demographic Changes Quality as a Response to the Crisis. Developer Conference Urbanization Standards. Contours of Russian National Urban Policy Eco-Ambitions. Best Practices for Transitioning to Zero Emissions City From Treatment to Prevention. Health of the Citizens as a Focus of Urban Management Grand Paris - Big Moscow. The Outcomes of the Urban Development Megaprojects New Artisans. What Professions Will (not) Be Needed in Future Megacities? The 100 Million City. Anti-Utopia or Management Reality First Among Equals. Creative Industries as the Basis of the the Future Economy Wind, Sun and Water. Energy of Future Megacity Egocentric City vs Ascetic City. Scenarios and Alternatives of Spatial Development Future Master Planning. Development Agenda of Leading Megacities Housing for People - Development of Cities Greenfield City. Building a Megapolis of XXI Century Mass Housing as an Innovation Driver. Global Experience and Local Challenges New Hansa. Cities in International Politics Climate Action in Megacities. From Technogenic Landscape to Sustainable Environment Future Mobility Basic Education. Social Foundation for the Future Сity The Space of Confidence. Social Capital as a Source of Competitive Advantage Check by Football. What Has the World Cup Told the World about Moscow? Redevelopment of Industrial Zones. The Needs of the City and the Wants of the Developer Megapolis and University. Investment Model of Partnership Modern Industry. Enhancing Cooperation in Response to Global Technological Challenges Egocentric City vs Ascetic City. Scenarios and Alternatives of Spatial Development Full Security vs Total Control. Ethical Issues of Tech City City as a Live Lab. Testing Ideas for the Future Urbi et Orbi. Best Communication Practices for Urban Initiatives Strategy vs Mega Projects. What Is the Alternative to Massive Urban Projects? Rented, Smart and Shared. Models for the Future Housing Presentation of Edition About New Russian Architecture Symbol – Zaryadye Park Made in Moscow. Pitch Sessions of Moscow Tech Solutions Augmented City. Megacity in the Age of Augmented Reality Prosperity Is Not an Accident. Indices as an Instrument of City Governance New Architectural Wave. What Future is Painted for Cities? Inclusive City. Space of Equal Opportunities Memory Space. Who and What Should the City Remember? MUF Labs Final Presentation of the Urban Initiatives Turn Your Trash Into Cash. How to Earn on Making Infrastructure of Waste Recycling? Urbantech. City as a Platform for Ventures Zero Emissions. Sustainability as a New Focus of Transportation Policy One Click City. How Technology Changes Our Lives Sustainable Neighborhoods. Infrastructure for the Self-Contained City Capital of Impressions. Events as a Driver of Urban Economy Transport in Megapolis. Rethinking Approaches to Urban Mobility Urban Social Packages. Social Infrastructure of Modern City Public vs Personal. Chronicle of the Transportation Revolution City in the Smartphone. How Online Changes Urban Mobility Blockchain School and Big Data-Driven Museum. Technology for the City of the Future. Brainstorm Streets Over Gadgets. How to Make Cities Exciting for Kids? Urbanomics Conference. PPP for the City. How Partnership and Business Encourage Growth and Development In Commemoration of Futurism. Russian Tradition and Modern Architecture Cybersports in Stadiums.<br>New Sports Formats Medicine as a Network. The New Map of Global Healthcare Industry 4.0. Risks and Opportunities for Future Cities Conscious City. New Entrepreneurs as the Agents of Positive Changes Open Budget. Involving Citizens in Funding Urban Projects
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